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Who or What is FIBAT?

FIBAT stands for Faculté Internationale BAptiste de Théologie. 

(French for International Baptist Theological Seminary)

FIBAT is a theological seminary located in the Central African Republic. It is accredited by the Department of Education as a degree-granting institution on the European LMD standard.

FIBAT exists to train God’s servants, offering advanced theology degrees in French.

The mission of FIBAT is to glorify God by training men & women to serve the Lord in Baptist churches of francophone Africa.


FIBAT has FOUR goals:

  1. As a seminary, the goal is to develop a training program characterized by three words:   excellence, reputable, and practical
  2. As an international school, the goal is to encourage participation by students & teachers from other francophone countries. 
  3. As a Baptist school, the goal is to promote a Baptist identity while reaching out to all evangelical groups. 
  4. As a theological institution, the goal is to train graduates who are valued by the denomination in which they serve.

Graduation 2020

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Graduation Highlights

September 26, 2020
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