Financial needs. Students generally do not have jobs, and dependent on gifts for tuition & family needs. 
Health needs. Students deal with Covid-19 issues, but also a number of other potential diseases. 

Food needs. Students often struggle to find sufficient food for themselves & their families

Safety needs. Pray not only for safety as students travel to and from classes each day, but pray for political stability that will allow them to study freely. Armed rebellions have left the country with large sections under the control of militia that oppose the government. The recent Dec. 27 presidential elections provoked another surge of civil war and fear. That has resulted in some January classes being canceled.


  1. Campus construction – We initially prayed to be able to begin classes on campus in 2020, to coincide with the 100-year BMM centennial. But Covid disrupted those plans, and we are now projecting (praying) to begin classes on campus either in Feb or October of 2021. The second duplex is done, but we still need funding to put water & electricity on the property.
  2. Student scholarships. Student tuition costs about $1,500 per couple per year (700,000 cfa francs). God provided scholarships to pay off all student debt through the end of the 1019/2020 school year. We are now concerned about the needs for the current 2020/2021 year, as well as next year. When the semester began in October 2020, there were 6 returning students (entering their 3rd year), and  5 new students (for their 1st year). Tuition is charged per couple, so this encourages the women to attend the 3-year Bible program taught in Sango or, if they qualify, to enroll in the degree program taught in French
  3. FIBAT teachers earning doctorates. FIBAT currently has 2 teachers who are almost done, and should be able to get their doctorate as soon as travel permits. Two other teachers have begun studies, but have been hindered due to Covid restrictions and political unrest.